Post date: Mar 7, 2013 1:27:14 PM

Effective January 1, 2013

One Check:

Room and Board $482.00

Care and Supervision $511.00

Total to Facility: $993.00

Personal and Incidental Expense Monies 129.00

Total Grant: 1122.00

Two Checks:

Room and Board $482.00

Care and Supervision $511.00

Voluntary $20.00 Non-Exempt Income $20.00

Total to Facility: $1013.00

Personal and Incidental Expense Monies $129.00

Total Grant: $1142.00

Note: Recipients who have income in addition to their SSI/SSP check (for example, a pension, Social Security retirement or disability benefits) can be charged the $993.00 amount for basic services plus an additional $20.00. Because federal rules do not count the first $20.00 of a recipient's income against his/her SSI/SSP grant, an SSI/SSP recipient with other income has an extra $20.00 that people who receive only an SSI/SSP check do not have. Neither federal nor state law restrict the recipient in how this additional $20.00 amount is spent. Thus, if the recipient agrees in the admission agreement to pay the additional $20.00 for basic services, the facility may charge the additional amount.

Title 22, 87507(c)(4)(A) Admission Agreements, States: "Agreements involving persons whose care is funded at government-prescribed rates may specify that operative dates of government modifications shall be considered operative dates for basic service rate modifications." If you accept SSI/SSP residents, you do not have to give a 60-day prior notice of rate increases.

Be Sure Your Admission Agreement Reflects These Regulations.

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