Senior Living

Sit back and relax. At Summer Springs Care Homes we’ll make sure all of your unique needs are taken care of. A retirement home doesn’t have to be a retirement from life — it can be fun too! Explore the beautiful Bakersfield area where we’re located in and the many amenities we provide. Whether you’re looking for a short stay or you want to settle down with us, Summer Springs Care Homes provides everything retirees need for a comfortable and safe stay.

"Where Love and Care never grow old"


Committed to Caring

When you choose Summer Springs, senior living will start feeling a lot like taking an extended vacation. Here, you can sit back and relax knowing that everything you need will be taken care of. We’ve been a well established Assisted Living Facility since 2009. We offer both short and long-term care, depending on your current health needs and lifestyle preferences. Now that you’re living your golden years, you deserve a golden home!

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We Have 3 Locations Within Bakersfield that is close to home:

"A Community of Care"

6112 Summer Springs Drive Bakersfield CA. 93313

(661) 246-8703

"Your Wellbeing is our Priority"

10213 Lerwick Avenue Bakersfield CA. 93311

(661) 246-8703

"Enhancing your Golden Years"

2804 Tar Springs Avenue Bakersfield CA. 93313

(661) 246-8703